Bloomenthal for State Representative

Benjamin Bloomenthal for State Representative

A Progressive Platform for All

"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try" - John F. Kennedy


Benjamin believes that health care is a human right.  As health care costs continue to increase and the specter of cuts loom, Benjamin will fight to ensure everyone has access to high quality, affordable health care.  Within the past year, Benjamin has lobbied on Beacon Hill, knocking on the doors of our elected officials, to advocate for a single payer system, covering all people of the Commonwealth.

While there have been attempts in the past to control health care costs through our existing private insurance system, Benjamin will advocate for a single payer Medicare system.  A Medicare single payer system will  provide:

  • Reasonable access to impatient and out-patience care;
  • Preventative and reproductive care
  • Long-term and palliative care;
  • Vision, hearing and oral health care;
  • Mental health and substance abuse services
  • Prescription medications, medical equipment, supplies diagnostic tests and treatments.


As a parent of an elementary school student and someone who went to public schools, Benjamin values the importance of public education.   Benjamin believes in establishing a universal Pre-K program where all children can benefit.  He also believes in fighting the privatization of our public schools and has lobbied to keep the cap on charter schools.   Understanding the impact of school budgets, Benjamin will advocate for an update on the Chapter 70 funding formula, ensuring all districts can meet the financial needs.  

Economic Development and Labor

Benjamin believes that the key to success in our community is creating opportunity for all.   As a result, Benjamin has fought for raising our minimum wage to $15/hour, as well as ensuring that there is paid family and medical leave for all employees.  Benjamin has also been a strong supporter of our unions and believes that when we support organized labor, we all do better when our unions succeed.  Lastly, Benjamin believes in implementing the Fair Share Amendment, which will help further fund our education and transportation infrastructure.

Criminal Justice

As the son of two trial attorneys, Benjamin grew up with a deep respect for advocating for the most vulnerable within our society.   Benjamin believes that we need to repeal mandatory minimum sentences, offenders who are convicted of a certain crime, the same punishment — regardless of whether it fits the crime or the offender or is necessary to keep the public safe.  Lastly, Benjamin believes that we need to address the ongoing epidemic of suicides within our prison population by attending to the mental health needs of those who are incarcerated.

Environmental Justice 

Benjamin is an avid outdoors person, who is passionate about protecting our environment.  He believes that we need to increase our energy efficiency and adopt a carbon pricing.  He also will advocate for fixing the gas leaks and opposing the pipeline tax, which would be at the cost of rate payers.  Lastly, he supports efforts for the Massachusetts state pension fund to divest of fossil fuel companies.

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